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NexGard Spectra - Flea, Tick, Mites & Worm Treatment - 3 pack (3.6kg to 7.5kg)

NexGard Spectra - Flea, Tick, Mites & Worm Treatment - 3 pack (3.6kg to 7.5kg)

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Nexgard Spectra provides the most complete protection against fleas, ticks and intestinal worms for a full month, in one tasty beef-flavoured chew.

Control of parasites is a year round problem for all dogs. Treating for just external OR internal parasites only deals with half the problem. With Nexgard Spectra, your dog is protected both internally and externally, all in one delicious chew. Fleas are more than just a nuisance. You can see how distressing the itching can be, but fleas can also cause skin problems and even transmit disease. Fleas not only live on your dog, but in their environment too – their bedding, the carpet and more! If you want to get rid of fleas you need to kill the ones on your dog and those living in your home.

Fleas aren’t just a problem in summer – to stay flea-free, you need to use flea control all year round.

Nexgard Spectra kills fleas fast, within 6 to 12 hours all month long.
Rapid action and consistent treatment kills newly acquired fleas before they can lay eggs.

Key Benefits:

  • Gentle - Nexgard Spectra monthly chew gives your pooch consistent, gentle all-year-round protection from fleas, ticks, mites and worms. Nexgard Spectra’s formula can even be used to treat puppies from as young as just 8 weeks.
  • Safe - Kind on your dog inside & out with no ‘roller coaster’ treatment. With Nexgard Spectra gentle monthly dosing, your dog gets the right dose at the right time for consistent and persistent gentle protection – rather than long acting treatments that kill fleas fast at the start, and much slower towards the end of the treatment, giving fleas a chance to start breeding again. Easy to remember – one delicious chew, once a month will make your life easier.
  • Fast -Because Nexgard Spectra is an oral treatment, it is absorbed quickly and starts working straight away, for fast relief for your dog. In fact Nexgard Spectra kills 100% of existing fleas in just 6 hours, and over 98.5% of newly acquired fleas within 12 hours for a full month.1 Unlike some sprays, spot-on formulations or collars, Nexgard Spectra is fast acting on fleas all the time, not just at the start, and isn’t affected by bathing or swimming. Plus, it’s safe for you and your family to handle your dog immediately after treating.
  • Tasty - Dogs simply love our chews, making it fun to treat! We have formulated this delicious beef flavoured chew to appeal to all types of dogs. The tasty braised beef flavour is created with soy protein so it will not trigger beef allergies, and rest assured Nexgard Spectra is completely safe to use with other medications. As another benefit, our chews can be given with or without food, so you can treat at any time of day.

Frequency: Monthly treatment

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